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Sermons (Page 12)

Put On the Armor of God

Insights into what the letter to the Ephesians means; using armor is more difficult than we may think and we can’t use it without the help of others.

Food and feeding the five thousand.

Reading the book Confederates in the Attic gives insight into the gospel story of feeding five thousand. Hunger and the shortage of food are important parts of the story.

A home town welcoming

The Gospel tells the story of Jesus returning to his home town. It shows us what’s important about traveling outside our home town and what’s to be gained by going beyond ourselves.

Healing Stories

The Gospel stories of healing show that it’s not how good or faithful you are, but God’s hope, His patience to listen to you, to love you and …

Grow like the Mustard Seed

Just as the mustard seed grows for a small seed to place were many birds can dwell, love planted in our hearts can grow to the  vastness of God’s Love.